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Nationwide Travel Support Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Hotel ichi eligible for the nationwide travel support?

A. Yes, it is a target facility.

Q. Are there any procedures required in advance to use the National Travel Assistance?

A. Proof of vaccination and identification are required.


Q. I would like to apply for national support, but should I submit my ID, vaccination certificate, etc. on the day?

Need to send photos first?

A. Hotel ichi supports tablet check-in, so please send us a photo in advance by email or LINE.  


Q. When receiving the National Travel Assistance, do all members need to meet the conditions of use?

A. Only those who do not meet the terms of use are not eligible.


Q. How can I make a reservation?

A. Please use the "Inquiries" ➡ "Q&A/National Travel Assistance" section below.


February 8, 2023



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